naming ceremonies

Into our lives come bundles of joy.........

Naming Ceremonies are such a joyful affair, bringing love and laughter celebrating a new arrival, but they can also be for children of all ages. 

The ceremony brings families together and creates a special bond as it involves family or friends being Supporting Adults that will play a strong role in the child’s development years.

The ceremony can include the lighting of a candle, special readings or poetry, promises from the parents and Supporting Adults.

There may be a little gift that will be a treasure of the day and can be used as the child develops into adulthood.

The ceremony can be conducted at a venue of your choice (except for churches or religious buildings), in woodland, even your own garden if it makes it special for you. You have endless choices. 

I will create a ceremony as special as your little one.

As a reminder of the day from Just Memories, a certificate will be presented and tied with ribbon.